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Our Sponsors

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors who have generously supported Leaders Link Communities (LLC). Their commitment to developing future leaders and fostering innovation in leadership development is instrumental in the success of our program. We are proud to partner with these organizations and individuals who share our vision for empowering the next generation of leaders.

Academic Partnership: Program evaluation and research on leadership development across program participants will be conducted in conjunction with Lewis University’s Department of Organizational Leadership and Management in the College of Business with the goal of continuous improvement.


By partnering with LLC, the Department of Organizational Leadership and Management will gain access to real-world data which can ensure program excellence and enrich academic research on leadership development.

Lewis University College of Business Logo
Leadership at Lewis University and College of Business

The Innovation Hub at Lewis University is a regional business incubator that provides support and resources to small and new startup companies. It offers a physical space where entrepreneurs can focus, collaborate, and build their businesses, with the goal of moving their business opportunities forward.

The Hub goes beyond just supporting individual companies; it aims to build a more entrepreneurial community and advance sustainable economic development for the region. 

The Innovation Hub leverages the vast resources of Lewis University to assist in the development of these companies. This includes access to university expertise, facilities, and networks, which can be invaluable to startups in their early stages.

Innovation Hub Lewis University
Innovation Hub at Lewis University
Leaders Link Communities

LLC Contact Information

Phone Number: 314 348-8693

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